The Best Funny Garden Gnomes

We have searched high and low to bring you the best funny garden gnomes and novelty garden gnomes that we could fine.

This selection of funny garden gnomes will surely bring a smile to your face and to that of your guests and visitors, these funny garden gnomes found in the UK will not only look good in your garden but will also look good in your home.

One thing is for sure, these garden gnomes will definitely make good conversation starters.

These funny gnomes regularly go in and out of stock and you can view a larger selection here.

Jurassic Gnome The Garden Gnome Massacre

dinosaur eating garden gnome

Watch out everyone this is Jurassic Gnome and the dinosaurs have escaped their enclosures and are running wild around your garden.

This dinosaur has captured 4 garden gnomes and is eating one of them, stepping on another and is holding one in each arm. Once he’s finished with them, who’s next.

This funny garden gnome is cast with weather resistant polyresin and measures around 24cm in height.

This funny gnome also makes for a great household ornament. We just love this novelty gnome.

Go Away Funny Gnome

swearing garden gnome statue

This garden gnome garden statue is obviously upset about something, maybe just frustrated with everyone constantly starring at him.

Dressed in a traditional manner including a white beard and white eyebrows.

Measuring 15cm in height and made from resin with a UV coating to stop him fading.

Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome

selfie sister funny garden gnomes

These garden gnomes are beyond the traditional red pointy hat and white beards. Welcome to the 21st Century garden gnome with a mobile phone in hand.

These 2 hot divas are snapping themselves out and about around the garden, one’s wearing a pink dress and the other is wearing an aqua dress. Both ladies are wearing matching black stilettos.

This funny garden gnome is cast with weather resistant polyresin, with a fantastic paint job that really make it stand out. 

This statue measures around 23cm in height.

Crazy Cat Lady Garden Gnome

crazy cat lady garden gnome

Scratched hat and 5 cats around her, this lady gnomes devotion to cats is another level. 

Standing with her wonky eyes and cradling a cat with both arms like it’s a baby, her life is all about her cats. 

This funny garden gnome is cast with weather resistant polyresin, with a fantastic paint job that really make it stand out. 

This statue measures around 23cm in height.

Cat Attack Gnome

Cats are not just experts in catching mice but also love catching garden gnomes.

This grey pussycat has manage to catch 3 of them. Hold one in it’s tail and bear hugging 2 more whilst lying on its back.

Made from weather resistant poly resin, and measuring around 24cm in height.

This is a great funny garden gnome for any cat lover.

Piss Head Garden Gnome

a drunk garden gnome

Whilst this naughty garden gnome might have started the night with the intention of only having 1 drink, he clearly went above and beyond that, he even managed to loose one of his shoes in the process. Must of been one hell of a night for this naughty gnome.

He’s posed half lying on the floor and half resting on a log, with one hand holding an empty wine glass and the other hand holding his head.

Made from weatherproof polyresin and standing at over 20cm tall.

Place him amongst other naughty gnomes to complete the mix.

Welcome Butt Funny Garden Gnome

welcome garden gnome

It is interesting to note that this little guy can kiss his own butt goodbye, he is that flexible! You may consider letting him receive your guests with a heartfelt welcome. He will do his best to bring a smile to the faces of your guests.

There is also a lovely line of symmetry to this gnome. It is handmade with natural, eco-friendly materials, and he is a very beautiful piece. There are no sharp edges to worry about and he is a perfect gnome for any occasion.

This would make him suitable to be used indoors as well as outdoors. Keeping him in the garden for guests to greet or perhaps in the conservatory or porch is a great idea.

Additionally, his hand painted appearance is protected by a UV-resistant coating that should keep him out of harm’s way all year round.

He measures approximately 15cm tall, and would make a great gift for anyone who loves gardens or gnomes.

Here’s Gnomey Garden Gnome

Red Rum Gnome

This REDRUM naughty and evil garden gnome makes you want to sleep with one eye open. (REDRUM spells the word “Murder” backwards if you were not aware).

If you are fan of the 1980’s “The Shining” horror film this scary gnome will make a great addition to your garden. It’s a take on the iconic phrase “Here’s Johnny!”.

This gnome will make sure that any visitors  take extra care in your garden as they are well aware of what consequences will be if they don’t.

Some might say he more dangerous than naughty, but to be dangerous you also have to be a bit naughty.

He measures at 16.5 x 15.2 x 24.1cm and is made from a weather resistant polyresin.

Sexy and I Gnome It Garden Gnome

garden gnome in boxer shorts

This sexy naughty garden gnome is just oozing sexiness.

He’s lying on his prize hare rug wearing just his traditional red hat, blue boxer shorts with red and with mushrooms printed on them and his black boots.

Made from weather resistant polyresin and around 17cm tall.

This novalty garden gnome looks good indoors or outdoors.

Unicorn Attack

unicorn gnome 2

There was only so much that this unicorn could take from the gnomes until it had to try and escape the garden. With a gnome tugging its tail and another trying to ride it, it wanted to be free. It has impaled a gnome on it’s magical horn in it’s quest for freedom.

Made from weather resistant polyresin and around 23cm tall.

This funny garden gnome looks good indoors maybe on a book shelf or outdoors.

How To Choose The Best Funny Gnomes For Outdoor Decoration

Who is to say what is the right funny garden gnome for you? After all, humour is a matter of perception and what you may see as a funny garden gnome, someone else may see it as a rude garden gnome.

So when picking the right funny garden gnome outdoor decoration for you, think about some of this first.

Size – Will it fit in with the surrounding area, is it proportionate in scale or will it look odd.

Indoors or Outdoors – Are you going to keep it outdoors or are you going to keep it as an ornamental indoor piece.

On its Own or Grouped – Are you having it as a key feature or are you going to display it with other funny garden gnomes.

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