The Best Zombie Garden Gnomes, Evil Gnomes, Creepy Gnomes and Scary Gnomes

Fleeing the apocalypse? Then you need gnomes who can survive the zombie hoards. To help you in your quest, we at have scoured far and wide to bring you the most no-nonsense

    • best Zombie gnomes
    • best Evil gnomes
    • best Creepy gnomes
    • best Scary gnomes for your garden.

The rumour is that somewhere a potter was bitten by a weird insect transmitting a virus to him, the potter the suddenly exploded,  blood going all over newly created gnomes. These garden gnomes are now infected by a mysterious virus. The infected gnomes started attacking other gnomes infecting them in the process and now all of gnomekind is at risk.

These Creepy, Scary, Evil, Zombie gnomes can be a great alternative to rude, large or funny gnomes. Use them all year round indoors or outdoors, they will also give you that “WOW” factor around Halloween.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, some of the gnomes can be scary and frightening.

This Zombie Gnome has lost the use of his legs and must now resort to crawling around in a creepy way. 

Defiantly has the evil zombie gnome look with bloodshot eyes, an eyeball hanging out, tongue hanging out, and broken teeth with dirty and damaged clothing on. He posed lying on the floor, trying to crawl his way to his next victim. 

This scary gnome measures 25.1 x 23.6 x 18.5cm,with exceptional detail, made from resin, this zombie gnome is suitable for booth indoors and outdoors.

Watch out everyone this is Jurassic Gnome and the dinosaurs have escaped their enclosures and are running wild around your garden hunting down and slaughtering your garden gnomes.

This dinosaur has captured 4 gnomes, eating one of them, stepping on another and holding one in each arm, its a scene of total carnage and destruction. Once he’s finished with them, who’s next.

This evil gnome scene is cast with weather resistant polyresin and measures around 24cm in height.

Even with all the chaos going on, you can’t help but smile.

These 2 have arisen from the cemetery and have pledge to stay together in the afterlife. 
Wearing red gnome hats and colourful clogs and exposed skeletons. 
They stand together holding what looks like a pitcher of frothing beer maybe there celebrating Halloween or it’s gnome Octoberfest

These scary gnomes are made from hand cast using crushed stone mixed with resin and hand painted with UV resistant paint in great detail.

Measures  15.2 x 21.6 x 38.1cm  (LxWxH) so they will definitely stand out.

The gnome apocalypse is in full swing and this guy is the real zombie deal. Infected he now looks for other gnomes to infect. 

Still wearing a red pointy hat, blue jacket, blue trousers and black boots. Blood over him, bloodshot eyes with one eyeball just dangling and missing his right arm. 

Keep your other gnomes away or there doomed.

Made from weather resistant poly resin, and measuring around 25cm in height.  Loving the creepy gnome factor that this undead chap gives off. 

Rising from the dead the zombie garden gnome will put the fear of god into anyone. Bloodstained mouth and blood on his hands, with possessed eyes he’s trying to reach out anything that passes.

With a traditional Red pointy hat and long white beard, he’s definitely one evil garden gnome.

Made from weather resistant resin, and measures 10.2 x 14 x 15.2cm (LxWxH)

Cats are not just experts in catching mice but also love catching garden gnomes, this cat has decided to go on the rampage and catch all the gnomes it can find after finding out that they make for a tasty meal.

This grey pussycat has manage to catch 3 of them. Hold one in it’s tail and bear hugging 2 more whilst lying on its back. The look of terror seen on the faces of the gnomes is priceless.

Made from weather resistant poly resin, and measuring around 24cm in height.

Its the night of the living dead, these 2 have arisen from the cemetery and are in the mood of celebrating each holding a pitcher of frothing beer.

With this set you get 2 scary gnomes, a male one and a female one. Both just under 50cm or half a metre in height. One of the largest garden gnomes sets around.

Wearing red gnome hats and colourful clogs and exposed skeletons, great for freaking out your neighbours all year round.

These scary gnomes are made from hand cast using crushed stone mixed with resin and hand painted with UV resistant paint in great detail.

Female Measures  11.4 x 16.5 x 45.7cm  (LxWxH) 
Male Measures 18 x 12.5 x 49.5cm (LxWxH)

This evil gnome will make you want to sleep with one eye open. (REDRUM spells the word “Murder” backwards if you were not aware).

If you are fan of the 1980’s “The Shining” horror film this scary gnome makes a great garden ornament. 

This gnome will make sure that any visitors  take extra care in your garden as they are well aware of what consequences will be if they don’t.

He measures at 16.5 x 15.2 x 24.1cm and is made from a weather resistant polyresin.

Garden gnomes have a reputation for being cheerful, nice, and helpful. They are known to work hard and act as a form of good luck to the people who find them in the garden. This is, of course, utter nonsense. In reality, garden gnomes are hideous monsters that have the power to do your bidding, providing they are treated with proper respect. The main problem with garden gnomes is that most people find them so adorable that they don’t stand a chance against their powers. There is only one way of dealing with these creatures: DO NOT TRUST THEM.