The Best Lawn Edging Shears

What’s the difference between Lawn Edging Shears and Lawn Shears? Edging Shears cut along the edges of the lawn and the Lawn Shears cut flat on the top of the lawn. This makes Lawn Shears great for getting into flat areas that the mower may miss due to obstacles in the way.(e.g. around trees or in corners where walls or decking stop the mower from reaching the edge of the lawn.

It’s good to have a decent pair of lawn edging shears as they always make the edges of lawns next to borders, patios etc. look very neat, giving you that perfect lawn. For those that don’t know lawn edging shears are quite simply giant scissors with long handles. The long handles allow you to trim the edges of your lawn without the need of you having to bend over or work kneeling down.

Some people use electric/petrol trimmers or lawn mowers, these are handy to have and use for some jobs but you’ll never get a tidy looking edge to your lawn, as you will with hand-held lawn edging shears.

There have recently been a variety of types of edging shears released. It can help to make gardening a little easier and more convenient depending on the type, mechanisms, and additional features.

With so many lawn edging/lawn shears available I hope this guide of the best lawn edging shears will help you choose and buy the right pair for your gardening needs.

Lets have a look now at our top picks for the best lawn edging shears on the market.

  • C50 Carbon Steel Cutting blades for lasting sharpness.
  • Tubular Steel Handles for maximum strength
  • Ergonomic soft feel grips
  • Carbon Steel Cutting blade for lasting sharpness.
  • 17cm non-stick coated blades
  • Ergonomic soft feel grips
  • 20cm Xylan coated hardened steel blades
  • Tubular Steel Handles for maximum strength
  • 90cm Long handles with comfortable grips
  • Carbon Steel blades for lasting sharpness.
  • Self sharpening blades
  • 7 adjustable positions from 64cm to 105cm
  • Carbon Steel blades for lasting sharpness.
  • Tubular Steel Handles for maximum strength
  • 84cm long handles

So now you have seen our recommended choices for the best lawn edging shears that are on the market for the UK . Lets move onto some more detailed reviews of the above listed products.

Out of all the Lawn Edging Shears we looked at we believe the Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Lawn Edging Shears to be the best shears on our list. They are very good quality, excellent value for money and they come with a 10-Year Manufacturers Guarantee made by a well known brand that’s been making quality tools since 1760.

There actually quite light, they weigh in at only 1.3kg, so you won’t have to worry about your arms or wrists aching all day long whilst you go about trimming your lawn edge. 

The blade length on these are a decent size measuring 23cm, with the actual cutting edges measuring 17cm long, made from C50 carbon steel for precision cutting, having been hardened and tempered, helping them to stay sharper for longer. The blades are also polished and lacquered, this lacquer is a form of protection for the blades, protection against rust. You would be glad to hear that they cut really well, they even cut through wet grass however we don’t recommend cutting wet grass.

The lightweight anti-slip handles on these Spear & Jackson Razorsharp edging shears are made from hollowed steel for extra strength and durability, they measure 35 inches (90cm) from the top of the handle to the bend where you’d rest them when your using them, with comfortable soft feel grips on them. I’m 5ft 10in and they were an absolute pleasure to use and left very neat edges.

What can we say about these Wilkinson Sword Lawn Edging Shears,  There made by a company that’s been around for over 200 years. However they are more well known for there brand of grooming products rather than there tools. 

These shears come with a 10-Year Manufacturers Guarantee, and the look and feel of these shears just makes you think quality. The handles feel soft and offer good grip and are made from polypropylene and TPR. They are made from tubular steel, given that extra sense of strength. The handle lengths are 85cm long which ok for tall people, I’m 5ft 10in and I hand no issues using them. 

We cannot complain about cutting performance, they cut beautifully just like slicing through butter. The blades measure 17cm long and are made from carbon steel with a non-stick coating, helping to keep these blades sharper for longer.

The only issue that we found was that these lawn edging shears were heavier than some of the other ones that we have reviewed. These shears weigh 1.7kg, and it can feel like your doing a workout with them, if you have any issues with your wrists, suffer from arthritis or struggle with any physical effort then I suggest picking one of the other lawn edging shears we’ve reviewed.

Never heard of Bahco? Well not to worry they are a Swedish tool manufacture that have been making tools since 1886 (they invented the adjustable spanner). 

These shears look impressive, we would class these as the heavy duty of lawn edging shears, they just ooze quality. What was the most noticeable was the thickness of the blades, 20cm long and made from hardened steel and coated with Xylan. We usually find xylan on cookware to prevent rusting, sticking, corrosion and improve wear. The blades have a central bolt locking system which prevents jarring, this along with the sharp hardened steel gives you a superb cutting experience.

The soft grip provide a comfortable grip and 90cmm long.Made from round orange steel tubes with black plastic covers, which provide a fantastic solid grip. I’m 5ft 10in and I had no issues using them. 

The only issue that we found was the same as the above Wilkinson Sword shears is that these lawn edging shears were heavier than some other ones that we have reviewed. These shears weigh 1.9kg, and it can feel like your giving your forearms a full workout with them. If you have any issues with your wrists or suffer from arthritis, then I suggest picking one of the other lawn edging shears we’ve reviewed.

These shears are more expensive than some others we have reviewed, but saying that these lawn edging shears are heavy duty, super tough and built to last.

A pair of Carl Kammerling lawn edging shears had to make it onto the list. These are a fine example of quality German engineering from a company making tools since 1902.

These are the only adjustable lawn edging shears with telescopic handles to make our list.

The blades on these edging shears are drop forged, hardened and armour chrome plated for strength and durability. The tension of the blade is adjustable by using the dial mechanism on the blades, which helps to make these self sharpening.

These are very lightweight to use (well actually they’re not) they weigh in at 1.7kg, however you don’t notice that because of just how adjustable they are, the telescopic handles have 7 adjustable positions from 64cm to 105cm, which is great for tall people. When you’re not using them you can just rest them on the ground and effortlessly pick them again. The handles have very comfortable polymer grips.

These telescopic edging shears are perfect in every way apart from the price. They’re the most expensive pair of edging shears on our list.

Finally, on our list we have Green Blade Lawn Edging Shears. These are great shears but we would only buy them if they’re on special offer or if any of the other garden edging shears are too expensive. Therefore, these shears are on our list as backup shears.

These shears weigh in at 1.3kg so are right up there as a pair of lightweight edging shears. The tubular handles are 84cm long with soft foam hand grips on them. One thing is certain: they won’t be slipping out of your hands when they’re sweaty.

The blades are 22cm long made from heat treated carbon steel and are rust resistant. We couldn’t complain about the way they cut. They cut just fine and are a great lightweight design.

Lawn Edging Shears Buying Guide

How do you buy a pair of lawn edging shears? Well, lets go over everything that you should consider when buy a pair of shears,

Length (Handles)

The whole point in buying lawn edging shears is so that you don’t have to kneel or crouch constantly whilst you trim your lawn edge. So make sure that you choose one that’s right for you. If it’s too short, you’ll be bending over constantly and if it’s too long and the handles will be in your armpits.

Blade Material

Different brands and models use different materials for their blades. Each has its merits, for example carbon steel is known for its strength and the fact that you can get it super sharp, saying that some carbon steel blades can be brittle and also require a special coating to help against rust and corrosion.
Stainless steel blades are easier to maintain, require less maintenance and are rust resistant, however they are harder to get as sharp as carbon steel blades.
Both types of blades offer smooth cutting when new and over time will need to be maintained.
Well-balanced and sharp blades are essential. While selecting your garden lawn edger, consider a tempered or hardened blade to ensure a clean, precise cut.


Check the weight of the shears that you are looking to buy, some are heavier than others, see yourself holding them for a prolonged period. If you suffer from arthritis or problems with your wrists, then we suggest looking for the lightest quality pair you can find.

How To Store Your Garden Lawn Edging Shears

Learning how to store and keeping your edging shears well maintained is how you make sure that they last for years to come. Don’t leave them lying around on the floor or up against your tool shed. You should store them indoors, away from the elements. Get into the habit of cleaning them after every use and keep them well oiled. Why not read our guide on how to clean garden tools. Always make sure that the blades are sharp, sharp blades make for a smother, cleaner cut, if you don’t know how to sharpen your blades then watch the videos down below.
We recommend the following 3 in 1 Oil for your Edging Shears

Blade Care

We have added 2 thorough videos on how to sharpen your lawn edging shears bellow:

How to get rid of rust and sharpen your garden lawn edging shears with a file Video

How to sharpen your garden lawn edging shears with a Dremel Multi-Tool Video