21 Lovely And Fabulous
Garden Gifts For Her

When it comes to giving beautiful gardening gifts for her, you need to be prepared. We know she’ll love some of these gifts.

Gardening is an enjoyable pastime and a source of pride for those blessed with a green thumb. It’s likely that the lady gardener in your life is eager to share the fruits of her labour with friends, family, and loved ones, whether she posts on social media, hosts a garden tour, or simply posts photos of her garden. Whenever something special comes up, you know exactly what gift to buy them since they are gardeners. Show your appreciation for the woman who inspires you to keep smiling with one of these fabulous gardening gifts for her.

At the moment, there are some fantastic gardening-themed products available for women of all ages. Check out our gift guide for ideas on how to surprise her with the perfect gift. We have everything from skin care hampers to bird houses.

We have also created a list of fantastic gardening gifts for men.

So let’s check out some recommendations for the perfect garden gifts for her:

1. Morris & Co. Beauty Gardening Gloves & Cream

Gardening gloves are essential for any Queen of the Garden. Protect yourself with a pair of gloves when you are pruning, planting, or picking up garden debris.

Throwaway gloves are available in almost any supermarket, but quality gloves will last a lifetime if you spend a bit more. This gift box also comes with a lightly scented shea butter hand cream, to help keeps hands super soft after some hard work in the garden.

2. Heathcote & Ivory In The Garden Hand Creams Trio in Gift Box

Trio Set Hand creams for her

We know that all aspects of gardening can be strenuous on the hands, so why not help restore them with the gift box containing a selection of three shea butter hand creams enriched with essential oils in 30ml sizes. The perfect size to fit in your pocket and take with you around the garden.

3. Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Set

What better way to relax after a day doing gardening, than with a nice long bath. This pampering bath set is made from natural ingredients, this set contains 2 bath bombs, shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, bath salt and bath puff. This set comes in a beautiful silver bath tub which once empty, you can use it as a small planter

4.Beware Crazy Gardening Lady Retro Enamel Mug

crazy gardening lady mug

Who doesn’t take a break whilst gardening? So why not make yourself a tea or coffee sit back and relax with you your very own mug.

5. Native Wildflower Seed Balls

seedballs wildflower

This one pack contains enough seed to cover an area of 21 square foot, of native wildflowers flowing in various colours including red, yellow, pink and white. You will also be helping bees which have been in decline for several years now.

6. Solar Lantern Light Outdoor Hanging Garden Light

Solar Lantern

What a gorgeous looking light by day or night, especially lit up at night displaying a beautiful pattern onto your fencing or walls in the garden, can even be used to illuminate a garden path while emitting that stylish feel. Solar lights don’t have to look boring.

7. Solar Lantern Light Solar Flickering Dancing Flame Lights

4 flame effect solar lights

An alternative to real flames that are both safe and realistic achieve a perfect campfire atmosphere with a soft, mood-enhancing glow that can enhance any time of day. A set of 4 solar lights that can help set the mood in her garden.

8. Potting Table Bench With Wheels

wooden potting table

Easily lifted and wheeled to important parts of the garden, this wooden potting table is the perfect garden gift for her made of lightweight wood such as pine, fir, or acacia. It makes gardening more efficient. It measures Measures H120cm x W90cm x D42cm great for any size garden.

9. Two Seater Hanging Garden Swing Egg Chair by Honeypot

2 seater egg chair

This is truly a fabulous gardening gift for her, one that you can enjoy to as it’s a two seater Egg Chair and comes with waterproof cushions. You can now snuggle up in front of the fire pit or just watch the stars at night. This Egg Chair measures L120cm x W132cm x 200cm with a metal frame.

10. Letterbox Bird House by Vivid Arts D 

letterbox bird house

A lovely take on the traditional bird house, this one is a replica of a traditional old royal mail post box, made from UV treated resin which holds up to the British weather. This bird house measures 24cm x 13cm x 17cm and looks goon in any outdoor space.

11. Gardening Gifts For Her by the gift box

3 set garden tools

A lovely take on the traditional bird house, this one is a replica of a traditional old royal mail post box, made from UV treated resin which holds up to the British weather. This bird house measures 24cm x 13cm x 17cm and looks goon in any outdoor space.

12. Hungover Garden Gnome

a drunk garden gnome

Whilst this naughty garden gnome might have started the night with the intention of only having 1 drink, he clearly went above and beyond that, he even managed to loose one of his shoes in the process. Must of been one hell of a night for this garden gnome.

Made from weatherproof polyresin and standing at over 20cm tall, a great twist on the traditional garden gnome that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

13. Bird Bath by MUMTOP

glass bird bath

This lovely unique birdbath is made from glass and is painted with a beautiful blue sunflower design, it also helps to encourage wildlife into your garden.

14. Wind Spinner Sculpture by Creekwood

wind spinner sculpture

This is a mesmerising gardening gift for her, it provides that feeling of tranquillity and it’s also mesmerising watching it spin round and round. Elegantly designed and powder coated, this wind spinner sculpture will last for years.

15. Handmade Clear Glass Terrarium Kit

 Handmade Clear Glass Terrarium Kit

There is something magical about terrariums, and this gift is a wonderful DIY project. The idea is perfect for gardeners with little or no outdoor space, or for anyone looking to add some greenery to their homes.

16. Indoor / Outdoor Wooden Plant Stand

wooden plant stand

A plant stand is another excellent garden gift for her because it gives gardeners a stylish and attractive way to display their beautiful flowers. Suitable for both indoor plants and outdoor ones, the choice is yours.

17. Secret Gardens: An Enchanted Coloring Book

Gardening Gift For Her Colouring Book

The magical world of enchanted garden creatures and floral illustrations join forces in this book of hand illustrated colouring pages. Where will your journey through this book take you?

18. Set of 10 Metal Hanging Flower Pots

This gift for her is full of colour, a great assortment to 10 metal hanging flower pots with removeable hooks.

19. AeroGarden Harvest Elite Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Indoor garden

Indoor growing has never been easier, however because of the high level of sophistication, these devices can be quite expensive.

There is no need for soil in an AeroGarden. Providing hydration levels, lighting, and airflow that are responsively controlled by the hydroponic container, plants flourish. Growing your own herbs this way is a great alternative to growing them in a traditional garden if you are short on time, space, or know-how.

Almost no maintenance is required to grow herbs in aeroponic gardens. The smart device automatically optimizes growing conditions for you.

20. Plant Theatre Boozy Gardeners Kit

boozy gardeners kit

People are exploring the possibility of creating new things in their homes, and cocktail garden kits have grown in popularity over the past few years. A cocktail-inspired growing kit like this one is meant to be straightforward and simple like most DIY growing kits.

No matter how inexperienced you are at gardening, you can use them. Cocktail Garden Kits provide seeds for plants that can be used in cocktails, so they are great for those who like mixing cocktails.

In addition to the seed packets and plant markers, the kits contain peat discs, growing pots, and instructions.

21. Thorn Proof Ladies Leather Gauntlet Gloves

Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves

This garden gift for her will help protect her hands from being pricked or scratched whilst pruning plants and thorny bushes. Strong, yet flexible and 37cm long with a lovely floral pattern.