11 Cheap Ways To Block Neighbours View

The moment you step out onto your patio or into the pool in your garden, you see a curious neighbor watching you. What an awkward situation!

In the worst-case scenario, you would have a party or a meeting in your backyard. To think that your neighbor could be privy to all of those details would be unbearable. That is the moment when you realize the need for privacy. In this article we will discuss cheap ways on how to block your neighbors view of your garden

Here are 11 Cheap ways to block neighbours view and make your garden more private.

There is no need to worry about your neighbour spying on you anymore. When working with a small budget, you have many cheap landscaping options to choose from. Here are some examples:

1. Erect a wooden fence

You can easily build a fence around your garden thats upto 2 metres (6ft 6inches) high without the need of planning permission.

It should be a simple task to install this fence since it consists of just a few wooden posts, beams, and panels. I haven’t met anyone who’s over 2 metres (6ft 6inches) tall. A wooden fence gives you complete privacy from your nosy neighbours.

2. Plant trees, shrubs and hedges

Fast-growing bushes and trees will keep prying eyes away from your home while adding to its beauty. Using shrubs and trees such as Cherry Laurel, Fagus sylvatica, Ligustrum ovalifolium and Golden Leylandii can block neighbours views for a very reasonable price, and you won’t need a landscaper’s help. It’s an easy project.

You don’t have to do much but dig holes, pour dirt, and plant fast-growing tall trees or shrubs

Bear in mind that you should be choosing evergreen shrubs and trees and that this is a long-term solution, so you’ll need some patience before you’re able to enjoy privacy and the incredible view.

3. Grow  some bamboo

It’s no surprise that bamboos are known to be invasive plants, so you can bet this one will obstruct your neighbor’s view of your garden within no time.

Don’t just plant it straight in the ground, you need to somehow contain it otherwise it will spread like wildfire. Perhaps a raised bed or several large planters. Put a row of them together and presto! Now that’s a natural fence that is evergreen.

4. Grow ornamental grasses 

It is possible to grow long grass as a privacy screen. With its beauty and greenery, a living fence is always a great choice.

In addition to looking elegant, your garden will be more private. Various plants can be used to form a privacy screen. In comparison with shrubs and evergreen trees, ornamental grasses can grow quite quickly, reaching maturity in just two seasons. There are many ornamental grasses that will improve the privacy of your garden, including Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass, Clumping Bamboo, Pink Hair Grass, and Fountain Grass.

5. Corrugated metal fence

You can buy corrugated metal sheets at DIY stores or online merchants, and a corrugated metal fence works great. You can also block nosy neighbors by installing a corrugated metal fence. Complete privacy!

Remember that you can build a 2 metre (6ft 6inch) high fence without planning permission in the UK.

Just install some wooden posts and beams, then attach the corrugated metal panels to them.

To prevent rust and to increase the sleek appearance of your corrugated metal fence, we highly recommend painting your fence as well.

6. Make use of super-sized planters

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, flowers can also create a sense of privacy in the backyard. By buying a huge flower vase or planter, you can block a nosy neighbor’s view.

They will offer some privacy if you arrange them in a row with a direct line of sight to your neighbor’s view. They provide almost complete privacy when complemented by big and bushy flowers.

Flowers become bushy in just a few months, unlike trees.  To prevent them from overhanging your neighbour’s property, you just have to trim them often. A simple YouTube tutorial can be used to make these pots and planters at home, which makes the idea cost-effective.

7. Hang outdoor curtains

The cheapest way to block neighbours views and create privacy in your garden is to use outdoor curtains. The reason these curtains are so cheap is that they are available in lots of retailers.

They are also easy to make at home with just a few simple steps. Aside from that, installation is simple, since you simply need to hang curtains on a sturdy rod so that they cover the patio.

Additional support can also be provided by wooden bars. You can fold the curtains when you don’t need privacy, so it’s a great idea since it gives you complete privacy.

8. Use of trellis

Trellises provide an immediate solution to outdoor privacy problems, whether they are simple or elaborate, locally sourced or manufactured.

As a perfect support for climbing plants and blooming plants, lattices can combine to create an eye-catching structure for your outdoor living space.

9. Shield with outdoor screens

Screens mounted on metal stands are simply panels of cloth. You can readily find these in stores that sell outdoor furniture.

You can move these to different spots in the garden where you need privacy.

In addition to offering full privacy, outdoor screens also ensure that no one on the other side can see what goes on behind the screen. When not in use, it can be folded and tucked away easily in a garage or garden shed. However, outdoor screens are often subject to the elements, and as a result, they will fade and tear quickly.

10. Utilize cascading landscapes

Even though it may seem expensive, you would be surprised at how inexpensive this idea is. Homemade materials can be used to build the cascading levels.

You should note that this is only for people with hands-on experience since it involves muscle work. Furthermore, you will need to be very patient because it will take some time.

A great way to make your plants and bushes stand out is to display them on multiple levels. A landscaper might be able to provide you with some advice on how to design a landscape that works. Beautiful flower vases and outdoor lighting can be arranged on terraces to make good use of them, among other things.

11. Hang your greeneries

In so many ways, hanging your greenery will benefit you. One way is that you will have the chance to demonstrate your taste in flowers.

People around you may not understand your intentions with this design; they may just think it’s a fashion statement, but only you understand that you plan to block your neighbours view of your garden.

When you hang your outdoor plants, you are freeing up space that can be used for other outdoor activities, such as barbecuing and sun bathing . It is also possible to use the extra space created in the garden to place decorative items or outdoor furniture.


No matter what your budget is if you have a look at the above options we are sure that you will find a method that will suit your needs and budget to help you find a cheap ways to block a neighbours view.