Choosing the right garden gifts for a gardener can be challenging since no two gardens are alike, and no two gardeners are alike. However we have searched high and low to bring you some wonderful garden gifts for gardeners.

Here is a list of the best gardening gift ideas to get you started. On this list we have found gardening gifts for everyone, from family members (grandma, grandad, mum and dad) to friends.

For an extra special touch, there are personalised items and indulgent garden products available. Our selection of gardening books includes everything from coffee-table art to practical guides for those looking to get started, including ideas for wildlife gardeners and small gifts that save space.

We have a variety of kids’ garden gifts that will encourage the next generation of gardeners.

Personalised Garden Gifts

Gardeners are usually proud of their gardens, they spend time planting, pruning, and weeding them and taking care of them, which brings them joy. The best gift to give to them is a personalised gift related to their garden.

Personalised Garden Crate

Personalised Crate

Gorgeous wooden pine box that can be personalised with your own special message. As well as looking great in your home, they go with any décor as well as helping you keep all of your garden goodies tidy.

Personalised Engraved Slate Plaque

Personalised Slate Sign

It is a beautiful slate plaque that is hand cut to leave a nice rustic edge and will be engraved using laser engraving techniques to produce a clean finish. It can be personalized with any message that you would like.

Personalised Garden Tools Wicker Basket Set

Personalised Garden Tools

This Victorian style willow basket has a full antique wash finish with cream elasticated straps and comes with a Personalised fork, Personalised trowel, wooden marker, string, and measuring dibber.

Personalised Garden Tools

Personalised Tools

A wonderful garden gift that makes a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, or if you simply want to treat yourself with a personalised trowel and fork.

Funny Gardening Gifts

There is always that need to please and excite the recipient when trying to find the perfect funny gardening gift for someone special. A nice thing about funny garden gifts is that they come in so many categories that you will be able to find something to suit your needs. Therefore, it means that you have a variety of options available when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones that will make them smile with delight.

Wet My Plants Mug

Funny Gardening Mug

A terracotta plant pot shaped mug with matching saucer perfect for tea and biscuits whilst taking a break from the garden.

Sexy and I Gnome it Garden Gnome

garden gnome in boxer shorts

This garden gnome is not afraid to pose for you, will definitely be the talking point in any garden.

Welcome Gnome

welcome garden gnome

Why not welcome people to your garden with this naughty garden gnome, he does definitely add a witty bit of humour. Every time you walk past him you can’t help but smile.

Unusual Gardening Gifts

The word dedication is used by some people, while the term obsession is used by others. What do you buy the green-fingered person who already has everything for his or her garden? We all know a passionate gardener, but what should you buy him or her? Our list of unique and unusual gardening gifts is sure to blow your recipient’s wellington boots off. If you can’t find anything that tickles their fancy at your local gardening centre, then our selection is sure to satisfy.

Flamingo Watering Can

Flamingo Watering Can

We all dream about the tropics from time to time, don’t we?

The stylish watering can made in the shape of a flamingo makes it possible to achieve those goals.

Bigfoot Garden Statue

Bigfoot Garden Statue

Can we find this huge elusive beast in your own garden? Could you be one of the bigfoot believers? The presence of mythical creatures such as sasquatch, yeti and bigfoot have been reported in several countries around the world, from the Himalayas to the Americas

Trowel Bottle Opener

Trowel Bottle Opener

Every gardening man should have this tool. With the Trowel bottle opener, you’ll crack open a cold one in style on a hot summer afternoon. A perfect accessory for the BBQ too.

Wellington Mug

Wellington Mug

Why not have a cuppa in style in a Wellington boot styled mug, perfect for any gardener to take two minutes of there feet with.

Plant Gifts

It’s safe to say that you know someone who loves houseplants, whether they are beginners or experienced growers, whether they love indoor and outdoor plants. There is no need for you to worry, no matter what plant gifts you wish to buy. We’ve got you covered with this guide for plant lovers gifts.

Seedbom Throw It, Grow It Seed Bomb Set

Seed Bomb Set

This fun, quirky way is a fun, easy way to increase the amount of nectar-rich flowers for bees. In order for you to plant the flowers, you only need to soak the container that looks like a grenade, so that it can be thrown or dropped into the area that you wish to plant them. We call this guerrilla gardening… 

Terrarium DIY Kit

Terrarium DIY Kit

The Terrarium makes a wonderful DIY gift, as they are a gardener’s paradise in themselves. Plant lovers will love this.

Gardening Gifts For Kids

Gardening Gifts for kids will help support a love of the outdoors, that you can nurture into a long-lasting passion. Show kids how much fun they can have in a garden by digging in the dirt and watering. In addition to learning about plants and animals in the garden, gardening should provide them with the opportunity to grow food.

Paint And Plant Flower Growing Kit

Paint And Plant Flower Kit

Teach kids how to sow and plant flowers with this set, whilst allowing them to design and decorate there very own plant pots.

Groot Flowerpot

Groot Plant Pot

Kids all love Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy and now you can get him not only pen holder, he also makes a great flower pot.

The Den Kit 

Kids Den Kit

Make your garden into a perfect adventure playground for the adventurous members of your family with this fun den kit. It is the ideal set to introduce kids to the great outdoors and the basics of camping with a groundsheet, rope, and camouflage tarpaulin.

Sprout Pencil Special Mix

Sprout Pencil

Sprout pencils have a pod at the end that contains seeds that can be planted after they are used. There are many varieties of these plants, including forget-me-nots and basil. The set is made of plant-based materials that are nontoxic, biodegradable, and lead-free. The pencils come in a variety of colours, perfect for colouring books.

Wildlife Gifts

A wide selection of wildlife gifts for gardeners, from bird houses to gadgets that make observing wildlife easier.

Wildlife Camera

Wildlife Camera

Ever wondered what happens in your garden when no one is around? A wildlife camera will help you find out what visit’s your garden when your not around or after dark, motion activated and waterproof, you can use it throughout the whole year.

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