Best 8ft Trampoline In The UK

It is easy to keep kids entertained all year long in the garden with an 8ft trampoline. It’s almost impossible for kids or those who are young-at-heart to resist jumping on a trampoline. You’ll find that a trampoline is the most-loved piece of garden equipment ever when it comes to getting your children moving and tiring them out. However, trampoline safety rules should always be followed.

Garden trampolines may raise security concerns for some people, but most of them now come equipped with an array of amazing features that keep jumpers safe. Trampoline manufacturers have come up with several clever ways to ensure safe jumping, from non-zip nets to nets inside the jump zone.

It is no surprise that the 8 ft trampoline for kids is ideal for those buyers looking for a small, child-safe trampoline that will not break the bank. In the UK, the 8ft kids trampoline is amongst the most popular options

What is the ideal age range for 8ft trampolines?

Typically, an 8ft kids trampoline with enclosure can support a maximum weight of 75KG (just under 12 stone) comfortably and is recommended for kids aged 5 years to 12 years old.

Considering the weight capacity, even a 16-year-old would be capable of using the trampoline. You must remember however that regardless of the age or the weight of the child, the amount of jumping space is still limited to 8 feet.

In case you are not sure what trampoline size you need, you can always check out our comprehensive trampoline size guide.

Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline

Kanga 8ft Trampoline

• Inner Safety Net
• Anchor Kit Included
• 100kg Weight Limit

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Zero Gravity 8ft Trampoline

• Inner Safety Net
• Strong Trampoline Frame
• 75kg Weight Limit

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PlayActive 8ft Trampoline

• Weatherproof Cover Included
• Shoe Bag Included
• 150kg Weight Limit

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Rocket Bunny
8ft Trampoline

Rocket Bunny 8ft Trampoline

• Access Ladder Included
• 130kg Weight Limit

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jumpeeze 8ft trampoline

• Access Ladder Included
• 70kg Weight Limit

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Things to consider when buying a 8 ft trampoline with enclosure

Measure Available Space

If you are going to purchase a trampoline, you should measure the size of your space before you get it. The size of some of these trampolines is such that it would be easy to underestimate their size. Make sure you look at the size of your trampoline with its net, some are quite high, but all trampolines are supposed to come with one, even if you choose a trampoline that is in-ground.

Weight Limit

A trampoline with a 8ft frame should have a weight capacity or max load of 70kg to 100kg. This is equivalent to between 11stone and 15stone 7lbs. 

Despite the fact that an 8ft trampoline with enclosure may be able to hold 100KG or even more, it won’t bounce well if loaded to that extent.


Helping to avoid trampoline accidents it is mandatory in the UK for outdoor or garden trampolines to meet certain safety requirements as part of their safety certification. A certification called EN-71 is used to assess the safety of trampolines in the UK. Trampoline sales within the European Union are covered by EN-71 part 14.

The EN-71 sets out the requirements that they must meet in order to be certified.

So if the trampoline doesn’t have a EN-71 Don’t Buy It!!!

All trampolines of this size come with a trampoline safety net, this can be either an inner net or an outer net (before the steel springs or after the springs).

Every trampoline manufacture states that only 1 person is allowed on a trampoline at any one time.

How much does a 8ft trampoline cost

The price varies and they usually cost between £140 and £200. Deals on trampolines starting at £120 may be found online.

Trampoline Features

There are certain features that you should look for when doing a search.

When purchasing a trampoline, make sure the enclosure is included. New trampolines are not allowed to be legally sold without a safety net in the UK however this restriction does not apply to second-hand trampolines.

There are a few extra items that offer great value, such as a trampoline ladder, tension spring tool, and even an enclosure lock.

8ft trampoline should have approximately 40-50 trampoline springs to be able to provide the required tension for a good bounce.

Be sure that the company you choose is reputable and recommended. Products featured on our website have been thoroughly researched and approved by us from reputable retailers.

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Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline

Kanga 8ft Trampoline

We believe that the 8ft Kanga trampoline with safety enclosure is a great choice for families with small or medium gardens. It is suitable for children up to the age of 12 years old. In addition to providing hours of fun in the summer months, the Kanga is also safe and features an inner safety enclosure to keep you safe and your toes away from the springs.

To be honest with everyone there isn’t much difference between the top two trampolines on this terms of performance. We choose this one as our “Best Product” overall because it has a higher weight limit, comes with a free anchor kit and is also cheaper than the Zero Gravity Trampoline.

Kanga base
Building the Kanga trampoline base.

Children between the ages of 4 and 12 can use it, and they can support up to a maximum weight of about 15 stone. While it would hold, there would be no bounce if you loaded it with more than 15 stones or 100kg.

It comes with sleek, thick trampoline padding for a smooth, balanced bounce, and the color scheme is yellow and bumble bee. A free inner safety enclosure and ladder are included in the purchase of the kanga 8 ft trampoline with enclosure.

Kanga trampoline springs
Attaching the springs to the trampoline.

Considering the weight limit is 15 stone (100KG), this 8 ft garden trampoline seems like one of the strongest we have ever come across.

Kanga meets the requirements set out in the European Union standards EN-71 pertaining to the requirements that need to be met in order to sell the products within the United Kingdom. All Trampolines Sold in the UK MUST pass this.

It is made from strong UV PE with a 14mm thick padding (not as thick as the Zero Gravity One) which is UV resistant.

An anchor kit is also included in the price, none of the other trampolines on our list have and anchor kit included. Great for those days with really strong winds where trampolines are prone to flipping over or even fly away into next doors garden or even down the road.

No issues with the frame, it’s made from galvanised steel which is more than strong and durable enough to keep users safe while using it.

Look to spend about 2 hours on assembly time depending if one or two people are assembling this trampoline, came with detailed instructions on how to put it all together.

Product Dimensions & Measurements

  • Total Diameter = 243cm or 8ft
  • Jumping Area Diameter = 202cm
  • Total Height = 245cm or 2.45m
  • Weight Limit = 15stone 7lbs or 100kg
  • Spring Count = 48

Zero Gravity Ultima 8ft Trampoline

Zero Gravity 8ft Trampoline

Zero Gravity’s Ultima 8ft High Spec Trampoline is undeniably one of the most popular trampolines on the market. It is appropriate for children aged 4 to 12 years old. It can support a maximum weight of 11 stone 11 lbs, or 75kg.
Zero Gravity claim to have tested their trampolines in a lab environment to 500kg – I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in testing this or even allowing 500kg on the trampoline.

It comes with thick blue padding with 20mm EPE foam and yellow trim around the trampoline springs, a inner safety enclosure net to keep your toes away from the springs and a ladder for easy access onto the trampoline. A nice touch is the easy access ladder, which makes it easier for small kids to access the trampoline.

parts for Zero Gravity Trampoline laid out
All the parts laid out on the ground.

The alloy steel frame is patented and claimed by Zero Gravity to add twice the strength without adding any weight, which makes it a unique selling point. Due to this, the trampoline is able to provide up to 2.5 million cycles over its life before cracks may start to show, as opposed to the traditional frame, which has a maximum guarantee of 1 million cycles before cracks may appear.

This product has been tested to EN-71 standards, and TUV meaning that it meets the safety requirements of the European Commission for UK sale. All trampolines sold in the UK MUST meet this requirement.

Assembling this trampoline was very easy and took one person 3hrs, if two people were to assemble it you should allow for about 2hrs. Comes with clear instructions and also assembly videos that you can view online if you get stuck.

Zero Gravity built
3hrs later and it’s up

If you ever need any spare parts then you’ll be glad to know that Zero Gravity spare parts are available to order. Not only that, Zero Gravity is a UK company and you can call them on 01264 771247 during office hours if you needed any assistance.

This trampoline was delivered in two boxes so if you order one it may arrive separately, so just be aware of this.

Zero Gravity 2 boxes
The two boxes the trampoline arrived in.

Here are the instructions just in case you wanted to have a look:

Product Dimensions & Measurements

  • Total Diameter = 243cm or 8ft
  • Jumping Area Diameter = 201cm
  • Total Height = 200cm or 2m
  • Weight Limit = 11stone 11lbs or 75kg
  • Spring Count = 42

PlayActive 8ft Trampoline

PlayActive 8ft Trampoline

For a small trampoline offering a lot of accessories for an affordable price, the Playactive 8 ft garden trampoline is an ok option.

It can hold children weighing up to 26 stones 6lbs or 150kg and is suitable for children ranging in age from four to twelve years old. Remember that all trampoline manufacturers state that only one child should be bouncing at a time on a trampoline.

In addition to the safety enclosure, it comes with a ladder attachment, a weatherproof cover, and a shoe bag. This shoe bag is feature that only this trampoline comes with and it attaches to the side of trampoline, we like it, it’s a great way to keep shoes out of the way.

Please note that in order to use the waterproof cover you need to partially dismantle the trampoline. This is pointless if your going to use the trampoline all year round.

With the Playactive trampoline, the enclosure included is an outer enclosure that also often leaves the springs exposed, so it is essential that you ensure that the spring mat is tightly fitted over the springs and that you check this on a regular basis. This is the one feature that we didn’t really like with this trampoline.

PlayActive trampolines are not only affordable but have been tested against EN-71, TUV, and CE certifications, so their safety is not compromised. As with all trampolines

It is constructed with galvanized steel frames and heat tempered zinc springs to ensure that it bounces well. It’s really impressive that it is listed as supporting a maximum weight of 150KG. But we’re not sure whether that’s true.

The included spring mat is a thick 14mm PVC PE foam surround with UV protection.

Just like the other trampolines this one very similar in assembly times and process, this one also has clear instructions.

Product Dimensions & Measurements

  • Total Diameter = 244cm or 8ft
  • Jumping Area Diameter = 203cm
  • Total Height = 220cm or 2.2m
  • Weight Limit = 26 stone 6lbs or 150kg
  • Spring Count = 48

Rocket Bunny 8ft Trampoline

Rocket Bunny 8ft Trampoline

The Rocket Bunny 8 ft trampoline is a solid trampoline without all the bells and whistles of the other models listed here.

This trampoline could be considered a standard trampoline for its style of outer enclosure. Even though this setup is not as protective as an inner enclosure, which virtually eliminates the possibility of springs being accessed when it is being used. This trampoline could be considered a standard trampoline for its style of outer enclosure. Even though this setup is not as protective as an inner enclosure, which virtually eliminates the possibility of springs being accessed when it is being used, it is still a popular style, especially in older models.

It can support a maximum weight of 20 stones 6lbs or 130kg, so it is suitable for children aged 4 to 12. There is an easy access ladder and the trampoline sit’s 51cm above the ground 

The thick spring padding comes in blue with a 14mm foam padding. Regularly check that this is securely fastened over springs.

If you looking for a budget friendly no frills option then this is a great one to go for.

Product Dimensions & Measurements

  • Total Diameter = 243cm or 8ft
  • Jumping Area Diameter = 202cm
  • Total Height = 265cm or 2.65m
  • Weight Limit = 20stone 6lbs or 130kg
  • Spring Count = 48

Jumpeeze 8ft Trampoline

jumpeeze 8ft trampoline

A trampoline like the Jumpeeze 8 ft trampoline model is best suited to light jumpers as it’s only rated for users up to 70kg or 11 stone, the lowest of all trampolines tested here. 

Considering the style of the outer enclosure of this trampoline, it could be described as a standard style trampoline. It is true that this setup does not offer as much protection as an inner enclosure, which almost completely eliminates the chance of springs being accessed during the actual use of the mattress, but it is still a popular style particularly in older models.

It can support a maximum weight of 11 stones or 70 kg, so it is suitable for children aged 4 to 10. There is an easy access ladder and the trampoline sit’s 50cm above the ground 

Jumpeeze’s thick spring padding and a straight black enclosure come in either BLUE or GREEN, along with a durable jumping mat.

When looking for a standard trampoline in either blue or green colour, the Jumpeeze trampoline is a good option.

Product Dimensions & Measurements

  • Total Diameter = 243cm or 8ft
  • Jumping Area Diameter = 202cm
  • Total Height = 215cm or 2.15m
  • Weight Limit = 11stone or 70kg
  • Spring Count = 48

How many children can use an 8ft trampoline?

All safety manuals and 8ft outdoor trampoline makers recommend that only one person is allowed to jump at a time on the trampoline. Our aim is to help you avoid having an accident on your trampoline at home by reducing the chances of it happening. There should only be one child allowed to play on the trampoline at a time.