How To Choose The Right Trampoline Size

What size trampoline should I buy? We are frequently asked this question. This article explains how to choose the right trampoline size.

It is essential that you buy a trampoline that is appropriate for your garden or jumping area and is free of any objects or obstacles that may cause injury to your child. Trampolines should be age-appropriate for children of that age.

what size trampoline
Trampoline Measurements

The Trampoline Size Guide & Chart

Age Size Indoor Or Outdoor
1 Year Old Toddler Trampoline (Only if confident) * Indoor
2 Year Old Toddler Trampoline / Mini Trampoline Indoor
3 Year Old Toddler Trampoline / Mini Trampoline Indoor
4 Year Old Mini Trampoline / 6ft Trampoline ** Indoor & Outdoor
5 Year Old 6ft Trampoline - 10ft Trampoline ** Outdoor
6 Year Old 6ft Trampoline - 12ft Trampoline Outdoor
7Year Old 8ft Trampoline - 12ft Trampoline Outdoor
8 Year Old 8ft Trampoline - 14ft Trampoline Outdoor
9 Year Old 10ft Trampoline - 14ft Trampoline Outdoor
10 Year Old 10ft Trampoline + Outdoor
11 Year Old 10ft Trampoline + Outdoor
12 Year Old 12ft Trampoline + Outdoor
13 Year Old 12ft Trampoline + Outdoor
14 Year Old 12ft Trampoline + Outdoor
15 Year Old 12ft Trampoline + Outdoor
Olympic Size Trampoline 10ft x 17ft (3.05m x 5.05m) *** Indoor & Outdoor

* 1 year olds should only be allowed on a toddler trampoline if they are very confident in walking and keeping there balance.

** For 4 year olds and 5 year olds you need to make a judgement call as a parent if the child can use a 6ft trampoline. Why? The majority of manufactures state that trampolines 6ft and larger should not be used by Under 6 year olds.

*** We have added the Olympic size trampoline measurements into our table just for comparison purposes.

Trampoline size warning label

We understand that  parents will have concerns about the warning label recommendation. Trampolines have safety labels for the protection of both children and manufacturers. Our opinion is that trampolines are a safer option than bouncing on a bed or sofa and falling onto a coffee table.

Even though the American Academy Of Paediatrics doesn’t recommend any child under the age of 6 to use a trampoline.

It is ultimately up to you to make the right decision for yourself and your family based on the information we can provide.

There’s more to trampoline age recommendations than protecting manufacturers from liability.

In most cases, it is to ensure that the recommendation that all children be supervised while using trampolines is seriously noted and adhered to.

Where To Buy A Trampoline:

You can buy your Trampoline from one of the trusted online retailers listed below.


It is important to consider some facts before you select the trampoline size that is right for your child. Consider the following factors:

Who is going to be using the trampoline?
How much space do you have available in your garden?
How much are you willing to spend on a trampoline?

What number of children will you be letting use the trampoline?

What is the age of the children who will be using the trampoline? Who is going to use the trampoline and for what purpose? Now that we have examined our first question, let’s consider our second.

What size garden will you put the trampoline in?

In today’s world, many people want to jump on the biggest trampoline they can afford. The first thing you should do is to take a step back and consider where you intend to put the trampoline. Do you have enough free space to place the trampoline? Are there any obstacles in the way when you place it? In order for you to enjoy a trampoline, you really need to be able to create a safe area for it to be in.

Weight Limits Of Trampolines

Trampolines all come with different weight limits, this is another thing that you need to consider. Bear in mind that the suggested weight limit for a trampoline is the maximum individual weight of a person / child. All manufactures state that trampoline should only be used by one person as a time.

We see this rule as a safety recommendation, so people don’t collide into one another which can lead to injury’s.
Weather or not your willing to allow multiple people to bounce at once on a trampoline is entirely up to you.

The below table shows the different trampoline sizes and corresponding weight limits available. Different manufactures have different limits on there trampolines.

Size Weight
6ft Trampoline From 50kgs to 100kgs
8ft Trampoline From 60kgs to 100kgs
10ft Trampoline From 90kgs to 120kgs
12ft Trampoline From 100kgs to 150kgs
14ft Trampoline From 100kgs to 150kgs
16ft Trampoline From 100kgs to 200kgs

What Size Trampoline For 2 Kids?

If we would have to choose a trampoline for 2 kids then we would pick a 10ft trampoline or 12ft trampoline with the highest weight limit you can find, as a minimum for children over 7. For younger children then a 8ft trampoline is more than adequate and will serve you several years. However All trampoline manufactures state that only one child at a time on a trampoline, even the Northern Ireland Government Services states the same.

What Size Trampoline For 3 Kids?

Again as stated above trampolines are not meant to be used by more than one child at a time, but if we were to suggest a trampoline for 3 kids then we would pick a 12ft trampoline or a 14ft trampoline with a weight limit of 150kgs or greater.

Trampoline Sizes By Age Of Child

What trampoline size for a 1 year old?

A toddler trampoline is the best option if you’re buying a trampoline for a 1 year old. It’s designed for children aged between one and three. A toddler trampoline with a handle is a must, as is padding and a low-clearance from the floor to the trampoline mat.

Only consider getting a trampoline for your one year old if they are a very confident walker and can hold there balance well.

What trampoline for a 2 year old?

They same considerations mentioned above apply for a 2 year old as well. A toddler trampoline is what you should be getting.

What trampoline for a 3 year old?

Three-year-olds are more coordinated and balanced than one year olds on a toddler trampoline. Therefore, instead of purchasing a toddler trampoline for your children, you should consider a mini trampoline for them, since this trampoline will last them longer. Read about safety aspects before you make your purchase.

What trampoline for a 4 year old?

For a 4 year old, buying a trampoline is rather challenging because there in that inbetween stage. When they’re this age, consider a mini trampoline or a 6ft trampoline, provided you have enough space and a safe area to put it in. It’s going to be a judgement call on how developed your child’s coordination and balance is.

What trampoline for a 5 year old?

When buying a trampoline for a child ages 5 and older, you want to make sure that it has safety padding all around and an enclosure net. There are several trampoline sizes you could choose from – a 6ft trampoline or an 8ft trampoline would be ideal depending on space available.

What trampoline for a 6 year old?

For a 6-year-old, you should choose either a 8ft trampoline or a 10ft trampoline, depending on the size of your garden. A 10-foot trampoline would be the best choice if the space is available.

What trampoline for a 7 year old?

Due to their growing confidence and improved balance and coordination, you should consider purchasing a trampoline that is either 10ft or 12ft depending on your space. When your child grows older, he or she will become more adventurous, so it is essential to read all the safety features.

What trampoline for an 8 year old?

An 8-year-old should generally jump on a trampoline between the sizes of 10ft and 14ft. Ensure there is sufficient space around the trampoline in the area where it will be installed in order to prevent injuries.

What trampoline for a 9 year old?

You should consider both a 12ft trampoline for your 9 year old as well as the biggest trampoline you can fit in your garden. It is possible for a 9-year-old to jump on an 8ft or a 10ft trampoline; however, they may not have the room that they would like.

What trampoline for a 10 year old?

If you are looking for the perfect trampoline for a 10-year-old, you should be considering a 12ft trampoline or 14ft trampoline. There will be plenty of room for them in terms of bouncing when they are on top of the trampoline because you want a fair distance between the trampoline’s centre and its springs.

What Trampoline for an 11 year old?

When your children grow, you will be glad you got the biggest trampoline you can fit in your garden. As a result, it can withstand the test of time without needing to be changed to a bigger one. At least a 12ft high trampoline is the best option for an 11-year-old. You might also want to consider a 14 ft or 16 ft trampoline. The size of your garden is obviously an important factor.

What Trampoline for a 12 year old and over?

Ideally you should be looking for the largest size trampoline possible that you can:
a) Afford
b) Fit in your garden
c) Comfortable having in your garden as they are large and take up a bit of space.

Where To Buy A Trampoline:

You can buy your Trampoline from one of the trusted online retailers listed below.


How big is a trampoline? What is its diameter?

A trampolines diameter is the distance that separates two points on its edge by a line passing through the centre.

trampoline diameter

Depending on what size trampoline you buy, trampolines come in a variety of diameters. Let’s take a look at them:

  • 6ft Trampoline = 200 cm in Diameter
  • 8ft Trampoline = 243 cm in Diameter
  • 10ft Trampoline = 305 cm in Diameter
  • 12ft Trampoline = 366 cm in Diameter
  • 14ft Trampoline = 427 cm in Diameter
  • Olympic Size Trampoline is 10ft x 17ft (we added this here just for comparison, it’s also rectangular and not round)

You can you the above measurements to see if you have enough space in your garden to fit a trampoline, we even show you how to install a sunken inground trampoline.

Trampoline Sizes In Relation To Price

You should also factor in the cost of a trampoline when determining which size of trampoline to choose. As a general rule of thumb in most cases the larger the trampoline the more it costs.
A 12ft trampoline will cost more than a 8ft trampoline.