Boiling Water As A Weed Killer

Does It Kill Weeds?

The battle against weeds is something we face regularly as gardeners. We are constantly faced with the problem of annual and perennial weeds that appear in our gardens throughout the year. We particularly strive to be rid of any weeds that may sprout and reseed on our lawns and gardens as quickly as possible. 

pot of boiling water

It’s unpleasant to see weeds taking over our garden, and they can ruin our gardening efforts. As weeds have been a persistent problem for years, we’ve developed a few tricks to keep them under control. A simple tool for weed-killing we might add to our tool belt is boiling water weed control. In addition to pulling, digging, and spraying homemade weed killers, boiling water can also be used as a weed killer.

In order to keep weeds at bay, you can apply boiling water to them. It is inexpensive homemade weed killer and environmentally friendly. Herbicides are prevented from entering the soil when boiling water is used to kill weeds. It also kills them down to their taproots. As a result, invasive weeds can be permanently killed and long-term weed control can be achieved. 

If you notice weeds growing in large groups, consider cutting them down a bit so that you can access their deep taproots. By doing this, you will be able to apply more heated water directly to the roots themselves, which increases the possibility of permanent results.

It’s a natural, environmentally friendly and pet friendly way to eliminate weeds.

How to use boiling water as a weed killer?

It’s very simple to do, just follow these following steps:

  • Fill a pot, or kettle with water
  • Bring it to the boil
  • Remove it from the heat carefully
  • Carefully pour the boiling water over your unwanted weeds.

So lets test it out on a patch in the garden to see how well it works

Boiling Water test before
The area of the garden before boiling water was poured over it.
Boiling Water test after
The results just 24hrs after applying the boiling water.

Does boiling water kill weeds?

You can kill weeds permanently by applying boiling water, especially if you apply it a few times. Additionally, hot water penetrates deeply into soil, thereby destroying major taproots. The importance of this is paramount when dealing with broadleaf weeds like white clover and dandelion.

The process of killing weeds with boiling water can be time-consuming, especially if there are many deep-rooted weeds involved. Weeds can usually be killed by the heat from the water after just a few treatments. Generally, you will only be able to boil a certain amount of water during each application.

If your lawn is filled with weeds, you might want to consider other measures.

As soon as you remove boiling water from the heat, it will begin to cool, so you should transfer it as soon as possible to the weeded area. It is important to be extremely careful when handling boiling water since it can easily splash or spill, the last thing you want to do is to burn yourself.

I would like to emphasize that one of the most important things to do when you are dealing with weeds is to identify the weeds that you are going to use the hot boiling water method to remove. The chances are that if you accidentally hit another plant with boiling water by mistake, you will likely see it die within a couple of minutes if you didn’t take care.

How does using boiling water as a weed killer work?

Well the boiling point of water is 100°C or 212°F and even though many plants will survive temperatures of 40°C or 104°F they will start to exhibit signs of heat stress. Now boiling water is more than double  this temperature and plants simply cannot handle this high temperature.

For boiling water to be effective it has to reach the root system of weeds at this high temperature. If it cools before reaching the root system the weeds will just regrow.
Boiling water is an effective weed killer if it is used correctly as mentioned above.