DIY Succulent and Cactus Compost Soil – Easily Make Your Own 

Cactus compost and succulent compost are a special soil mix especially created for cacti and succulents to live and grow in. Both these composts are essentially the same thing as both cacti and succulents have almost the same needs. This soil is created with drainage in mind and is well draining to avoid your plants dying from rot.

Normally, cacti and succulents live in dry and harsh soil, which is typical of deserts and arid areas. Usually, a good cactus and succulent compost consists of sand, soil, and peat moss. However peat moss is now considered to environmentally unfriendly.

DIY Cactus Compost Succulent Compost

Always use cactus or succulent potting soil instead of regular garden soil to ensure that your cacti and succulents live healthy. It imitates their native soil, allowing your plants to thrive under the best conditions possible.

Making your own succulent soil mix and cactus soil mix can save you a fortune in the long run. It’s super easy to make and you really only need 3 ingredients.

When it comes to succulents and cactus plants, overwatering is one of the number one causes of death, so that is why you have to make sure you use the right type of soil when you plant succulents and cacti.

There is no doubt that using a good potting mix that’s well-draining and designed to prevent overwatering is crucial to the success of your succulents and cacti.

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What ingredients do you need to make DIY succulent soil mix and Cactus soil mix at home?

  1. Potting Soil or Compost
  2. Sand
  3. Perlite or Grit

What is Perlite used for?

This natural mineral is used primarily to aerate compost. Cacti and succulents require free-draining potting composts, so perlite is great for these plants as it helps to create a free draining mix.

DIY Succulent Soil Recipe and Cactus Soil Recipe

So this is a super easy recipe that anyone can use, it creates the perfect succulent soil and cacti mix, your plants will love it:

1 x 1 x 1    OR   Combine equal parts of each ingredient for example:

1 cup of potting soil or compost

1 cup of sand

1 cup Perlite or Grit

If you want to make a larger mix then just make sure than you add equal amounts of each ingredient.

However “DO NOT” do it by weight because you’ll end up with an unbalanced mix.
Making your own succulent compost and cactus compost at home is cheaper than buying it from your local garden centre.

Combine equal parts of the ingredients

What Is The Difference Between Potting Soil And Succulent / Cactus Soil?

A succulent soil differs from regular potting soil due to its ingredients, as well as due to its consistency. It is composed of organic materials that are capable of retaining moisture, whereas a succulent soil is composed of porous organic materials.

Can You Use Regular Potting Soil For Succulents / Cactus ?

Using regular potting soil for succulents and cacti might work well for those who forget to water them for long periods of time. Just make sure the soil dries out completely between watering, otherwise they will rot and die.

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