Outdoor Garden Bar Ideas , Garden Pub Ideas, Shed Bar Ideas And How To DIY One Yourself

During the Covid-19 pandemic people were frustrated with not being able to go out and hang out with their friends and drink overpriced alcoholic drinks in beer gardens whilst soaking up the lovely weather. So people started creating their own garden bars where they could hangout and drink.

There is a challenge to finding a seat at an outdoor bar during the summer months now that the world has returned to some sort of normality. By taking advantage of our garden bar ideas, you will put your home on the map as the ultimate hangout spot.

backyard bar

Having a garden bar means you can entertain in style while being in the comfort of your own home and enjoying the privacy of your own garden. I believe you can achieve this by setting up your bar in a practical and refined way that allows you to host barbecues and events for family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that the trend of creating and having your own garden bar is here to stay. Below are some fantastic garden bar ideas that we have gathered from around the internet.

A garden shed bar is definitely a top DIY project for anyone to attempt and incorporate into your overall garden design.

What To Consider When Creating Your Outdoor Garden Bar

Know by a variety of names including home bar, pub shed, shed bar, shed pub or even a special name given to it by it’s owners. The following information will help you in creating a fantastic garden bar of your own.

What type of garden bar do you want? Are you looking for one to just to hold some drinks and glasses or are you looking to modify a shed and turn one into a shed bar.

How much space do you have available in your garden? Determining how much space you want to allocate to your garden bar area will help you decide on a suitable project.

Location of your garden bar, the position your garden faces will influence your decision as it will dictate how much sun that area gets. Will it need to have some sort of cover or roof.

Your budget and your requirements will determine how elaborate or simple it is. Frequently, outdoor bars are constructed by repurposing pallets and barrels. Whilst others convert a typical garden shed into a shed bar.

Upcycle Old Furniture Into Garden Bars

You can breathe new life into old desk or chests of drawers by turning them into outdoor bars. While entertaining guests, you can use these drawers to store glasses, napkins, straws, and whatever else you might need.

In order to ensure your wood stays in top shape, it is advisable to coat it in a weatherproof and protective wood stain. If you want to prevent rusting, you should also consider replacing any metal handles and any hinges with those that are designed for outdoor use.

Small pine unit saved from going to the skip, a small garden bar with two shelves and a drawer in a deep aqua blue colour.

Here an old sewing desk has been upcycled into a bar that can hold drinks, glasses and other items. A lovely small garden bar idea.

This one is almost like the doorway into Narnia, whereby you have to open it to find out what lies behind it.

Don’t throw away your old wooden chairs, this vintage chair has been repurposed as a garden bar.

Pallet Bar Ideas

When it comes to creating a garden bar from wooden pallets, your only limited by your imagination. Thy can be chopped, sawn and nailed together in so many different ways.

Lights have been added to this pallet bar to give it cosy, warm feeling in the evenings. Can’t think of anything better than grabbing a cold one once the sun’s gone down from this bar.

By adding a few planks of wood to an old pallet and a lick of paint, you can create a cute set of shelves with plenty of room for bottles and glasses, and a surface for pouring on top. Heck you can even have some space for a couple of plant pots. This garden pallet bar has that sophisticated look about it.

Pallet-Bar With 2 Shelfs

Why not add a roof to your garden pallet bar, helping to shade you from the sun on those hot summer days whilst your whipping up those cool drinks.

Try adding some vibrant colour to your small garden bar, helps to give it some Va Va Voom and accessorise it with some brightly coloured glasses as well.

Covered garden DIY pallet bar with a roof and lots of space for drinks, bottles and glasses, equipped with lights for evening serving.

Grey Pallet Bar With Roof

You can choose to keep it simple, just attaching a wooden pallet to the wall and adding a few shelves to it.

Looking to build your own pallet bar? Here’s a video showing you how to build your very own one.

Tiki Garden Bar Ideas

Bring that tropical vibe back to your garden with a Tiki Garden Bar. For those of you that don’t know, tiki culture is influenced by Oceanian, Caribbean and east Pacific art, music, and entertainment. It’s not just one thing, it’s a package, the whole look and feel of it including accessories is what will make your tiki bar a success.

@tropical_plant_addict Day and Night image of a garden tiki bar

Surfboard themed tiki bar where even the actual bar top is a surfboard with a pair of matching stools.

surfboard tiki bar

Bring back those holiday vibes, imagine that your back lying on tropical beach drinking that cocktail with this garden tiki bar.

home garden tiki bar

BBQ shelter that has been converted into a tiki bar on a wooden deck, with some tropical plants nearby.

Murphy Bar Ideas

It may be difficult to find the right place for a garden bar in small gardens or those with limited space.

Murphy bars are a great alternative design that won’t take up a lot of space. It’s a wall-mounted fold-down bar, so it takes up only vertical space when it’s not in use. It can easily be used as a table, just unfold the cover. Put a few chairs around, and you have a small garden bar area.

Murphy bars come in a variety of sizes and styles. To help you design a functional garden entertainment area, here are some ideas.

A lovely Murphy Bar made from pallet wood with enough space for glasses and bottles.

Foldable Murphy Bar on an apartment balcony nestled between lush green plants.

Another Murphy Bar similar to the one seen above, but this time with a wooden folding support.

Simple drop down Murphy Bar using two chains as supports, with plenty of space for your favourite drinks.

Here is a video that you use to help you create your very own DIY Murphy Bar at home for your garden.

Barrel Bar Ideas (Whiskey, Wine, Alcohol)

Believe it or not, you can convert a Whiskey Barrel or any other Barrel that contained alcohol into a bar with some imagination.

Two barrels have been joined together to create the lovely garden bar complete with an illuminated sign, just perfect for those long summer days.

Rustic Whiskey Barrel converted into a drinks cabinet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

An old Wine Barrel lovingly converted into a wine bar able to store lots of bottles of wine with the top of the barrel used as a table.

Barrel Bar with a drinks bucket placed in the middle to keep your favourite tipple cool, perfect small garden bar.

Barrel Bar

Want to create your very own barrel bar? Here’s a detailed video to help you along the process.

Garden Shed Bar Ideas And Garden Pub Ideas

If you have the space then why not convert a standard garden shed into a shed bar, sheds are available in lots of different sizes, so you can be sure that you will find one that suits your needs.

This small shed bar is a great example, close it all up when your not using it and no one will know that there’s a bar inside.

This cosy blue shed transforms into a bright and cheery small shed bar with the help of some recycled pallets and DIY shelves. Artificial grass flooring and festoon deck lights are a couple of inexpensive design touches that add a sense of thoughtfulness.

Blue Garden Bar Shed

Once you open up it’s double doors this shed reveals a fully stocked garden pub with a 15ft fitted bar, 3 fridges, celling fan and a genrous seating area.

@readersheds sheddie tim

Welcome to the Ska inspired 2 tone Garden Pub, the shed features a drop down door, like a drawbridge. The detail is simply amazing even the whiskey barrel tables are 2 tomes. This garden pub comes with a Jukebox, Fridge, TV and a bathroom

@readersheds sheddie tim

A fully fledged home garden pub for whenever you fancy a drink with friends and family. Features a fully stocked bar with fridges, a dart board, pool table and lots of seating. Traditional wood panelling on the walls and the floor is a mixture of carpet and wood.

@readersheds sheddie kelly lines

This Irish themed garden pub in a lovely small shed bar painted red and green with a sign in irish lettering. When you step inside you’ll find a fully stocked bar with beer on tap, a dart board and a stove heater so you can use it throughout the year in the colder months.

@readersheds sheddie david randle