How to make your own garden incinerator.

So you have been doing a few jobs in the garden and have some garden waste to dispose and you don’t want to buy a garden incinerator bin, you could give making your own garden waste burner a go.

Here’s how to make your own:

Step 1 – Get yourself an empty old oil barrel (this will make the best garden burner) nice, thick and very sturdy. The sizes available are usually 55-gallon drums or 210L drums.

an empty oil barrel with lid

Step 2 – Make 6 evenly spaced angled cuts near the bottom of the barrel (see pic below), this will provide airflow for when you light the fire bin.

empty oil barrel garden waste burner

Step 3 – With a hammer, hammer one side of the cut, this will widen the cuts creating your ventilation holes, so your fire can breathe in your finished garden waste burner.

air vent for diy garden burner

Once you have done all 6 cuts, it should look like the below image where you can clearly see the gaps.

vent holes in oil barrel for diy fire bin

Step 4 – That’s it your DIY Garden Incinerator Bin is ready to use. If you don’t want to scorch the ground then you can place the fire bin on a few bricks. We recommend painting your garden waste burner with stove paint after first use, this will help protect it from the elements and also keep it looking nice and crisp.

diy garden incinerator

You don’t need to left the barrel of the floor onto some bricks because there aren’t any air holes in the base. Raising it onto some bricks just stops the barrel from burning the ground / grass that you place it on.

diy fire bin in use