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Best Lawn Edging Shears

Lawn Edging Shears cutting lawn edge
The Best Lawn Edging Shears What’s the difference between Lawn Edging Shears and Lawn Shears? Edging Shears cut along the edges of the lawn and the Lawn Shears cut flat on the top of the lawn. This makes Lawn Shears…

Best Zombie Gnomes

zombie gnome rising from the dead
The Best Zombie Garden Gnomes, Evil Gnomes, Creepy Gnomes and Scary Gnomes Fleeing the apocalypse? Then you need gnomes who can survive the zombie hoards. To help you in your quest, we at have scoured far and wide to bring…

Best Football Gnomes

England football gnome in dressing gown
Best Football Gnomes We’ve looked out for the best football that we can find and have compiled this list for you, to make it easier for you we have broken this down by football teams. There are thousands of gardeners…

Nitrogens Everywhere and Not a Carbon in Sight

Blades of Grass
Nitrogens Everywhere and Not a Carbon in Sight! We typically typically tell people how to compost using the example of leaves for carbon (browns) and grass clippings for nitrogen (greens).  This is an accurate, easy-to-understand example for most homeowners to follow because…

What You Can and Cant Compost

Organic Material for Composting
What You Can and Can’t Compost All appropriate compost ingredients are organic.  Organic refers to matter that is a part of, or comes from, something that is (or was) alive.  In other words, organic refers to plants, animals and their naturally-occurring by-products. Compost Only Organic Materials Nature…